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Can you remove cigarette smoke, dog, milk, or vomit odours from upholstery?

Yes, interiors can be shampooed and treated with biocidal cleaners, and we use the Aromatek permanent odour removal system.

Can you remove scratches from the paintwork?

Yes, but only light scratches. If your finger nail catches in the scratch, then it is too deep. These we can improve the appearance of, but not completely remove.

Can you remove dog hair?

Yes, dog hair and odour can be removed

Can you clean convertible hoods?

Yes, we can clean convertible roofs and reseal back up with renovo water proofer.

Can you restore faded paintwork?

Yes, sometimes plastic bumpers do not restore as well as the rest of the paintwork

Can you provide your own water and electricity?

Yes, Jays mobile valeting unit carry onboard water and power.

Can you remove train dust from paintwork?

Yes, we use a special chemical to clean the paintwork. After applying the chemical to clean it we polish it.

Can I take my car to you?

No, we are fully mobile

What payment methods do you accept?

Cash ,Bacs ,Paypal 

Do you steam clean engines?

No. What we tend to do is spray the engine with degreaser lightly brush then lightly spray rinse

Can you remove brake dust, and tar marks from wheels?


Can you clean the car in snow, rain, or sun?

Snow: Yes, we can clean the car when the temperatures are freezing but tend to be interior only.

Rain: Yes, but the results are not perfect

Sun: Yes, This isn’t a problem for us as our van has a large awning that will cover your car and give shade.