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Here at Jays we use a high quality concentrate disinfectant (Viro kill) in our professional fogging machines , chosen by hospitals, veterinary surgeons and other high sensitivity areas. it is fully tested, entirely non-toxic & with a PH of 7.6 there is no need to rinse with water.

It does not contain harmful Phoenol, Aldehyde or Alcohol. Safe to use on all surfaces as it is entirely non-staining, non-tainting and non-irritant. Also being water-based and biodegradable it is kind to the environment.


infection fogging

The disinfectant has recently been passed by defra and is proven effective against Coronavirus at a dilution of 1:50 and a surface contact time of 5 minutes.

A powerful fast acting amphoteric terminal disinfectant is scientifically designed with a broad spectrum of activity and complies to BS EN14476 & EN1276

The specialised primary biocide is highly effective against enveloped virus’s HBV/HIV, Hepatitis B, Herpes simplex, Rota Virus, Bovine, Corona Virus/SARS-CoV and H1N1 Avian influenza

Viro-Kill is a food safe making it perfect for use in the food industry

A free rinsing, low odour formula making it safer and easier to use than harsh biocides


We are providing a solution to all local businesses and homes for everyday protection today, tomorrow and for the months/years to come, providing protection is key to us all returning to the ‘new normal’ of life.

This has been proven to be the most cost effective cleaning method against covid 19.

Areas treated will be safe from corona virus pours.

High traffic areas and businesses that have lots of new clients its advised to have this service carried out weekly or fortnightly for maximum protection from the virus.

What is fogging?

Our fogging machine works by expelling a ultra fine almost invisible mist into the atmosphere which eventually settles on all surfaces including those impossible to reach areas.

infection control

Fogging is the ultra-low volume (ULV) method that is used to disperse micro droplets of a specialised cleaning agent to eradicate both airborne and surfaced based bacteria, viruses and micro organisms.

Surfaces attract the droplets allowing them to reach places that traditional disinfection cleaning are unable to do.

The chemical works by binding, penetrating and immobilising the cells so that they cannot replicate rendering them harmless and leaving surfaces disinfected and safe to use, the chemical is active for up to 7 days dependant on surface usage.

Why use Fogging?

 Fast,effective and efficient deployment

 Cost effective alternative to traditional disinfectant deep clean.

 Minimal disruption to your business

 Reduces downtime – If any employee calls in sick or is displaying signs of covid 19 symptoms we can have your business sanitised and back up and running in a matter of hours without the expense of a deep clean.

 Our technique kills 99.99% of all known viruses including Covid-19.

infection control fogging

Why use Fogging?

Lifts and stairwells
Restaurants and cafes
Pubs and clubs
Full or individual rooms in all domestic households
Hair and beauty salons
Care homes
Schools and nurseries
Public toilets
Public transport
On-site canteens
Fleet vehicles including taxis
Car showrooms including demo vehicles

Businesses will be given a certificate to show that the premises has undergone a full disinfectant fogging process and signed and dated.

Customers booking a weekly or fortnightly fogging will be given a discount.

Jays has got you covered !! Tel 07947 296529 or drop a text for a free no obligation quotation.