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What is clay bar valeting and how do you clay bar a vehicle?

A clay bar is a specially designed resin compound which is similar in texture to “play dough”. Used with the correct clay lube, the clay bar glides over the paint to gently remove anything protruding the surface. Clay bars usually come in 2 forms. Medium and hard.

This specialised service gives special attention to the exterior of your vehicle. The clay bar will remove any embedded contaminants which would have been previously bonded to the paintwork. This could range from heavy tar spots, industrial fallout and iron filings etc.

When you rub your hand over the paintwork, in 99% of cases, you will find that the paintwork is rough and feels like sandpaper, this is also know as fallout and is very common but can be harmful to paintwork as eats its way into the clearcoat. Removing these contaminants will enhance and improve the gloss and shine of the bodywork and leave smooth.

PRICE IS FROM £30.00 (Please advise what the issue is with your paintwork)

This treatment can be added to most exterior treatments.

Note if your paintwork has a major contaminate on it to remove, this will require machine polishing work to refine the paintwork after claybarring. Please advise when booking as I can give you an estimated price.